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Nissan Security+Plus®

Nissan Security+Plus® Vehicle Protection Plans provide quality vehicle service and protection by Nissan-trained technicians for your new or pre-owned Nissan. You can purchase the right Security+Plus®, an Nissan extended service contract, that compliments your Nissan factory warranty at any time within the first 3 years or 36,000 miles of your vehicle's original in-service date. However, you will get the most out of Security+Plus® by selecting a plan early.

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Nissan Quality Guard

If you have a non-Nissan pre-owned vehicle, QualityGuard+Plus® Vehicle Protection Plans can offer you long-term mechanical protection for the most critical vehicle components during the term of the service contract. There are a variety of QualityGuard+Plus® Plans available: (QQ) Powertrain, (QR) Deluxe, (QS) Supreme. Each plan offers a different level of coverage, and all include the allowance to have repairs performed at any licensed automotive repair facility, 100% of labor and parts costs covered (after deductible), and the option to transfer your service agreement should you decide to sell your vehicle.

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Nissan Certified Pre-Owned

To qualify for Certified Pre-owned status Nissans must be less than 6 model-years-old and have less than 72,000 miles on the odometer plus they must pass two requirements: A Clean Title (non-branded title) and a 142-point Quality Assurance Inspection. Each Certified Pre-Owned vehicle is then issued a Vehicle Title Insurance Policy and a Limited Warranty assuring that only pre-owned Nissans that meet Nissan's high standards become certified. More details on Nissan Certified Pre-owned.

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