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Nissan Service Interval - 22,500 Miles or 18 Months

Maintaining regular service intervals is key to keeping your Nissan operating at peak efficiency. The chart below outlines the general maintenance requirements for all Nissan models. For complete, model-specific maintenance requirements, refer to your Nissan Service and Maintenance Guide (or, for models prior to 2003, your service and maintenance guide).

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22,500 Miles or 18 Months
PM : Premium Maintenance   
S1 : Schedule 1 Maintenance
S2 : Schedule 2 Maintenance

Replace PM S1 S2
Replace engine oil and filter
Lubricate all locks/hinges      
Lubricate propeller shaft (4WD) 1  
Road test vehicle    
Replace automatic transmission/CVT fluid      
Replace differential oil (limited-slip, conventional)      
Replace engine air filter      
Replace engine coolant/flush system      
Replace engine coolant      
Replace engine drive belts      
Replace free-running hub grease      
Replace front wheel bearing grease (4WD only)      
Replace fuel filter      
Replace in-cabin microfilter      
Replace limited-slip differential oil      
Replace manual transmission oil      
Replace PCV filter (4 cylinder Frontier/Xterra)      
Replace radiator cap      
Replace radiator hoses      
Replace spark plugs      
Replace timing belt      
Replace transfer case oil (4WD/AWD)      
Replace water pump      
Replace wiper blades      
Rotate tires (except 350Z)
Optional: flush automatic transmission (flush with ATF)      

Inspect PM S1 S2
Air conditioning system      
All lights    
Automatic transmission/CVT fluid    
Axle & suspension parts  
Battery fluid level/terminals    
Brake lines & cables      
Brake fluid level    
Brake pads, rotors, drums & linings  
Charging/Starting system    
Clutch fluid    
Cruise control vacuum hoses      
Differential oil 2    
Drive shaft boots 3  
Engine air filter    
Engine coolant level/top-off    
Engine drive belts    
Exhaust system  
Free-running hub grease      
Front suspension ball joints  
Front wheel bearing grease (4WD only)      
Fuel lines/connections      
Fuel tank vapor vent system hoses      
Headlights/adjust if necessary      
Horn operation    
Limited-slip differential oil 4    
Manual transmission oil    
Power steering fluid/top-off    
Propeller shaft 2  
Radiator hoses    
Shock absorbers/struts    
Steering gear and linkage  
Steering linkage ball joints  
Tires/adjust air pressure      
Transmission fluid/oil      
Transfer case oil (4WD/AWD)    
Washer fluid level/top-off    
Wiper blades    

1 Propeller shaft should be re-greased after being immersed in water.
2 350Z, Frontier, Murano AWD, Pathfinder, Armada, Titan, Xterra.
3 All models except 2WD versions of Frontier, Pathfinder, Titan, Xterra.
4 Optional equipment on Frontier, Xterra.

Equipment varies by model. Perform only those operations that apply to your vehicle.